Our LIVE MVP and unit testing

Live MVP

We have finally released our live MVP to production!!!


While minimal, we accomplished our goal of implementing a gym tracker which gives important information to both gym goers and university employees.  Check it out and let us know what you think!

Unit Testing:

With our live MVP comes unit testing.  We decided to use the python library unittest2 to test our flask/react application.

Why is this a good choice?

  • This library has extensive documentation which allows us to create better, well-informed test cases
  • It is simple.  We can seamlessly integrate our flask app to test all of our routes

Currently we have created a baseline number of tests that work well.  We are planning on building out more tests as our platform becomes more complex.  We currently are testing:

  • building the db
  • killing the db
  • the ‘/’ route
  • the ‘/api/v1/machines/’ route

While these 4 tests are minimal, having the framework set up for unit testing is very valuable.  These tests illustrate how easy and useful our testing framework will be.





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