Code Review–Team 8’s Code

Overall, Team 8’s code was well-organized, easy to read, and adhered to basic styling rules.  However, there were some aspects of their code that we believe would benefit from some modification.

  1. Firstly, your directory system could be easier to navigate.  There are a lot of directories with only one file in them which makes looking at the different files more difficult than is necessary.  For example, in the “new-button” branch, instead of having a “button.html” file, a “css” directory that only contains a “button.css” file, and a “js” directory that only contains a “button.js” file, all three files could be put in the same folder.  (And by combining the JS and CSS code you could further minimize the number of files.)
  2. The naming scheme for the various files could also be improved.  For example, we found three different “button.js” files in three separate branches.  Needless to say, for someone who is unfamiliar with your code (and even perhaps for someone who is familiar with it), this is confusing.
  3. Your “backend-flask” and “backend-rest” branches are nearly (if not completely) identical.  Do you really need both of them?
  4. A smaller point, but in a lot of your CSS files you have code like “background-color: #f4f4f4.”  A simple comment indicating what color #f4f4f4is would be helpful.
  5. This might be something that you were planning to change later on, but it probably isn’t the best idea to keep the password for your database spelled out in “” (in the backend branch) where anyone can see it.  Also, in the same file, make sure SECRET_KEY is well hidden and be sure to set DEBUG to false before “releasing” your app.
  6. In your “tupd-login.js” page you allow for the user to enter input but do not check for cross-cite scripting.
  7. There is a lot of commented-out code that could probably be deleted in the “button.js” file (in the “button-reach” branch).  In addition, that file contains console log outputs like “ajax call bitch” and “you a bitch,” which could probably be modified to more professional language 🙂

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