Minimum Viable Product

Our team is excited to finally have a functional web application working. While not yet publicly available, the app performs its core feature—informing users which machines are available at the gym.flasktuts

To do this, we had to integrate our Flask backend with our React frontend. This proved to be surprisingly challenging until we discovered a Github repository that contained a Flask-React template. The repository was written by user bonniee and can be found here.

Our backend consists of API routes that allow the client-facing interface to access our PostgreSQL database. This is possible using several Flask packages such as Flask-SQLAlchemy, Flask-Migrate, and flask-cors. All the tables in our database are set up so that they relate to each other as necessary and are ready to take in information. We do not currently have real-time data from the gym so we created a dummy data generator to test our app’s functionality.

Our frontend is a basic React app that uses the React-Bootstrap library, which simplifies styling and gives us prebuilt React components. This will allow us to quickly build out our frontend even as the app’s complexity continues to increase.

You can access the latest version of our app here.


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