How we’re building our app

This past week we thought a lot about which tools we should use to build out our app.  We have decided the following:

Web Framework: Flask

  • We had never really considered using Flask until the presentations last week and the talk by the guest speaker, Sean Harrington.  We thought that the ability to get something up and running fast was a huge benefit.  Additionally, since none of us are familiar with options such as Ruby on Rails and Django and given our relatively short timeframe, we thought Flask would be best.

Database: Postgres

  • We were not sure if we wanted to choose Postgres or MySQL, but ultimately chose Postgres because we had some more familiarity with it.  Also Postgres works very well with Heroku which is something we are looking for.  We also want a robust database and postgres certainly offers that.

Front-End Framework: React

  • We were mainly going between React and Angular for a front end framework.  We chose React because it is a very powerful tool that is increasing in popularity.  We want our app to be on the cutting edge of technology and we ultimately think that learning React would be valuable to us as developers.

Hosting Infrastructure: Heroku 

  • Heroku was our easiest decision.  We all know it and it is fairly easy to use.


We are currently building our MVP and look forward to sharing updates!



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