Reworking Our Idea

We have received lots of input on our first idea of tracking the number of people in the gym and have decided to make some changes.  Students want a system that can help them see what machines are being used at the gym and want an easy way to track their usage.  University employees want to be able to see the usage statistics of each machine which helps them maintain the gym more efficiently.  Our changes are highlighted below:

  • We are now tracking the use of individual machines to provide more information to users and provide valuable information to gym employees.  Users will now be able to see a history of what machines they have used and for how long.  Employees will be able to see how much a machine has been used and its status (broken, working, etc) such that they will be able to make more efficient changes to the infrastructure.
  • We have changed our entire Schema (shown below) to better realize our idea and organize our data better.  We now have 6 tables: gyms, rooms, machines, events, users, and check-ins.  The machines belong in a room and each room belongs in a certain gym on campus.  Users in the user table will create an entry in the check-ins table every time they visit the gym.  Events tracks when the gym will be closed for special reasons (like a track meet or class).  The schema below shows exactly what data will be stored in each table.  The second column in an example of the data that will be stored.




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