Strong Sloth – entry 1

Strong Sloth answers the question: Should I go to the gym right now?

Our project is one which revolves around keeping track of the current status of the university gym. This involves keeping track of the number of people at the gym. This number will be determined by a variety of sources, including user check-ins, weather, time, day, user reports, historic data, and swipes (if possible). These factors will be taken into account into a final report given to users which dictates the current occupancy of the gym.

Why ‘Strong Sloth’???? A sloth is thought of as a lazy animal, we are trying to get people out and moving, what better motivation than a little humor and word-play?

Our data schema keeps track of two main tables: daily_stats and reports.  We are keeping track of data on the hour in the daily_stats table and are storing data from user input in the reports table.  We will use data from both tables to have a good prediction for the question: should I go to the gym right now?






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